house 7 & Alt Summit: the ultimate blogger neighborhood

house 7 & Alt Summit: the ultimate blogger neighborhood

Written By

Mari Richards

One of the main goals of The Neighborhood is, of course, to be neighborly. To expand our digital world back out into the real world, and reconnect with those around us on a more meaningful level. It’s such an important concept—and a growing concern—as we become more and more in love with our digital devices. Did you know there was actually a study done that showed a person’s brain chemistry respond to their iPhone with the same emotional responses as they do to their loved ones? We really do love our tech!

As bloggers, our attachment to all things digital is a catch 22. We depend on all of our devices to create things on my end and share them with you on your end. But bloggers can be a lonely bunch. Because we work from home, alone or sometimes with kids around, and don’t have the same neighborhood network that people working in an office might have. Sometimes I find myself desperate for conversations, trolling twitter for someone to chat with!

I think that is why a blog conference like Altitude Design Summit is such a big deal to bloggers. The excitement on Twitter is contagious. Bloggers are such a friendly bunch, and this is clearly the best way for our virtual neighborhood to connect in the real world. We’ll be making new friends and blogging neighbors as we go! Honestly, I think bloggers might be some of the best neighbors around.

  1. Download and print.
  2. Cut out your house pieces along their edges.
  3. Fold all of the creases before getting out the glue (both the house’s corners and the tabs)
  4. Then, with a glue stick, glue a couple tabs at a time, assembling as you go. Start at the inside corner of the house and work towards the final side tab.
  5. Follow the same process for the top piece of the house. Then, line up the yellow door with the balcony side of the larger house piece, and glue the tabs inside the dotted lines.
  6. Enjoy!