DIY Hot Chocolate Stand

DIY Hot Chocolate Stand

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Heather Mildenstein

When the weather starts getting colder, we end up staying inside all day long more and more. It’s hard to come up with new activities for you and your kids to do when you’re inside all day, so why not take the activity outside and embrace the chill in the air?

The other day we had a hot chocolate stand outside our house, and it was quite the success! We had a lot of fun and my son loved it. The kids came out of their houses, we set up chairs, and the hot chocolate stand turned into more of a hot chocolate bar. It was pretty adorable. This activity was especially fun because with hot chocolate, we were able to give options and mix-ins to make things more interesting.

To create a successful hot chocolate stand, here are some pointers you might find helpful:

Have options

Unlike a simple lemonade stand, you can get creative with hot chocolate toppings and mix-ins to customize each cup for the customer. We had marshmallows, mint chocolate chips to melt in, whipped cream, and chocolate syrup in a squeeze bottle to decorate the top..


We found that our customers and friends wanted to hang out while they sipped their hot chocolate. We brought out a few chairs for everyone and got cozy while they relaxed.

Tell your neighbors

Let your friends and neighbors know about your stand the day before. They will be eager to come and support your child.


– Hot chocolate mix
– Disposible cups for hot drinks
– Thermos
– Spoons
– Straws
– Napkins
– Marshmallows
– Mint chocolate chips (I recommend Guittard green mint chips)
– Whipped cream in a can
– Hershey’s chocolate syrup, poured into a dollar store squeeze bottle
– Money container with change
– Signs and tape

Get creative with your stand and have fun with it! Your kids will have a blast, and I think you will too.