Home Alone Costume

Home Alone Costume

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Derek Kopp

Seems like big movie anniversaries are all the rage these days. The internet blew up with Oct 21, 2015… the date Marty McFly visits in Back to the Future Part II, The Sound of Music is turning 50, The Breakfast Club is turning 30 and Home Alone is turning the big two-five. If you weren’t feeling old before, just reread that sentence and ponder where your life has gone.

With so many momentous pop culture anniversaries this year, there’s an endless supply of timely costume ideas available to choose from. For my money, nothing is as simple to pull off or as iconic as Harry and Marv, the Wet Bandits from Home Alone. With some old coats and a little make up, you’ll be the odds on favorite for costume contest champion.

There are a few key elements to pulling off a convincing Wet Bandit look. First, you have to decide which one you want to be: Harry (Joe Pesci) or Marv (Daniel Stern).


So, you’ve decided to be Harry. Great choice! You have some options here. First up is the more obvious approach: the incompetent, beat up burglar. To nail this costume, you need dark dress pants and a dark vest over a tan shirt. Finish off the ensemble with a tweed overcoat and a scarf. That’s the wardrobe but the accessories are what will make this costume. First, you need a bald cap with some makeup applied to make it look a bit singed. Now get a black beanie and cut the top off so that your burned baldness shows through. Stick some feathers to your overcoat, draw a big red circled M on the palm of your hand and your done! You look like you’ve been through the Kevin McCallister gauntlet of doom.

If you’re looking for a more subtle Harry costume, try being the imposter cop who’s casing the neighborhood before everybody goes out of town. Throw on any police costume with a leather jacket and you’re most of the way there. The art is in the detail: get a fake gold cap for your left incisor. Now you’re Harry. Spend the evening winking at people to really bring the look home.


This one is so easy… it almost doesn’t matter what you wear as long as you mess up your hair and apply the imprint of an iron on your face with some makeup. To take it to the next level you’ll need a dark colored trench coat over dark slacks and a button down shirt. Make sure you go barefoot (bonus points for a nail in the foot) and bring along a spider prop. If you can perfect that scream, you’ll be unstoppable in the costume contest.

Whatever movie character you end up playing this year, have a happy and safe Halloween!