holiday decorating from a guy’s perspective

holiday decorating from a guy’s perspective

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Ryan Foy

This will be my first year decorating a house for the holidays. That means my first adventure on a ladder hanging Christmas lights, my first time with a real live Christmas tree in my house instead of a fake tree in my apartment and my first time opening presents and stockings in front of my very own fireplace on Christmas morning. Guys usually take a backseat to the holiday decorating and let the lady of the house be in charge. This year, since my lovely wife is 9 months pregnant, the house decorating is going to fall to me.

Just because I am a guy doesn’t mean I have to skimp on the decorations. It does mean though that my decorating is going to be simple, efficient, and cost effective, because that’s just how I roll. I’m going old school with the Christmas lights. Nothing to crazy, but I did get a hold of my in-laws old Christmas lights that they don’t use anymore. (The awesome kind from back in the day with oversized colored bulbs). They will be going up in simple rows around the edge of my roof.

For the tree, I am also keeping it simple. Nothing too large, and there will be a consolidated set of ornaments around the tree. I like an easy white string of lights, a couple of ribbons, and about 30 gold ball ornaments. Plus a few family tradition ornaments thrown in there to keep it from looking like a department store tree. Throw a blanket around the bottom for a tree skirt, and we are good to go until January.

For the rest of the house, all you need are small touches to make it feel like the holidays. I will add a few candles to make the house smell like gingerbread or pinecones. Then I will hook the stockings to the mantle, light a fire, and watch Christmas movies ‘til Santa comes. Keep it simple, and we will all have a happy holidays.