happy to be in the neighborhood

happy to be in the neighborhood

Written By

Chelsea Foy

Sometimes it’s just nice to tell folks how you feel! If you’ve got particularly awesome neighbors and you want to let them know, whip up one of these little babies. You can hang them on a doorknob, a mailbox, or leave it somewhere fun for them to find. It’ll let them know how happy you are to be part of the neighborhood.

Gather your materials:

  • white cardstock
  • patterned or colored paper
  • glue stick
  • hole punch
  • twine
  • scissors
  • printer

Start by printing out the free download. Once it’s printed, use the glue stick to affix your patterned paper to the backside. Cut both papers together, on the outer edge of the black border

Next, punch a hole at either end of the top of the card and knot your twine through the holes. Finally, write a little message on the back to thank your neighbor for being awesome! (Or you can just hang one on your own door to shout your neighborhood love from the rooftops.) Have fun!