handmade holiday gifts

handmade holiday gifts

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Lexy Ward

Gone are the days of horrible homemade gifts. Years ago, handmade was sort of frowned upon. I’m guilty. My sisters are extremely guilty! If I ever made something myself, they thought I didn’t want to spend money on something nice for them. Through the years, I have perfected my skills to make higher quality projects for family and friends.  With the rise of the DIY movement, comes the time for hip and handmade gifts. You don’t need to spend hours on something to make it special. These spotted salt & pepper shakers only took ten minutes to create and make a huge impact.  Learn how to make your own below!

To make your own spotted s&p’s you’ll need:

  • White porcelain salt & pepper shakers
  • Wooden BBQ skewer
  • Porcelain paint in any color

Shake your paint really well and remove the lid. There should be a small and thin pool of paint in the lid. Dip the blunt end of your wooden skewer in the paint in the lid, and place tiny dots in random places on the bottom half of your shakers.

Let dry for 24 hours and then bake according to instructions on the paint package. Pack up alone with a card, or accompany these shakers with some ingredients for a delicious home-cooked meal! The gold shimmer gives these shakers a holiday feel and your friends or family will feel grateful for you whenever they use them.

Do you have a signature handmade gift for the holidays? Try your hand at making something yourself!

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