Halloween Photo Scavenger Hunt

Halloween Photo Scavenger Hunt

Written By

Chelsea Foy

I love a good scavenger hunt, don’t you?! There’s something about the thrill of the chase and trying to beat your opponents to find everything on your list that’s just too exciting. This Halloween, if you’re looking for something different to do with family or friends, put together your very own Halloween photo scavenger hunt! With all this awesome technology at our fingertips, it’s the perfect excuse to create a scavenger hunt for the 21st century. And cloud-based photo storage systems like Space Monkey make it so easy to share images – that way you can see what your opponents have found as the hunt progresses. Pretty cool, right? Here’s how to make it happen.

For Users with a Space Monkey Device

Step 1: First, share your login credential with all hunt participants.

Step 2: If you’d like to change your password while sharing, you can use this link. Select “Don’t know your password?” and you’ll be sent an email to create a new one.

Step 3: Now all participants have access to all files on the Space Monkey device. (You may want to remove some files because of this but don’t worry – upload and download times are super fast!)

For Users with the Smartphone Space Monkey App

Step 1: Make sure that within the Space Monkey app Settings, “Auto Uploads” and “Uploads Use Cell Data” are selected. This should automatically create folders for each participant in the main “Camera Uploads” folder.

Step 2: Participants should see all uploaded photos from the hunt instantly, just by opening the app! The most recent photo will appear on the top left of the grid.

Once you’ve got your Space Monkey all set up, make a list of things to hunt for! Great ideas include black cats, scarecrows, jack o’ lanterns, corn fields, and more – be creative! Break into teams and give each team a list. As each team hunts around town and finds things on the list, snap a photo. When you see the photo uploaded to Space Monkey, it means it’s checked off your list!

It’s so fun seeing everybody’s photos pop up on the app. Give it a try, and use it to organize the rest of your family’s photos as well. Happy hunting!