Written By

Kersey Campbell

Simple greeting cards are one of my favorite things. They are a great and easy way to let a neighbor know you are thinking of them and care about them. 

I always try to have at least a dozen little generic cards available in case a neighbor is in need of a pick me up, congratulations, or even just a “hello.” They are lifesavers!

Nowadays there are greeting cards for every occasion. They are also a great excuse to make a treat and take it over for a visit to a neighbor you know needs the company. It’s amazing how something as small as a “Thinking of You” card can enhance a neighborly relationship. As much as I love phone calls, texts, and email, there is something so personal and caring about a handwritten note or letter. Taking the time to write a short but personalized message for someone you know does wonders for their (and your) day. If the person you have in mind lives a little too far to hand deliver, sending a sweet card in the mail works too. Who doesn’t love getting mail? Plus, we all know the United States Postal Service could use the work.

Another one of my favorite things is a downloadable card! It’s like having an endless supply of sweet, blank cards you can print off at the drop of a hat. No rushing to the store and paying an arm and a leg for a card you might not even like. You want some now, don’t you? Here are a few simple cards you can download, print, and deliver to your loved ones and neighbors. They are sure to love them and love you for the thought and kindness, and you are sure to love the ease, price, and relationship enhancement they can bring. You’re welcome!