getting your neighborhood active

getting your neighborhood active

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Heather Mildenstein

A great way to make friends and get to know your neighbors is to get active together. Whether you’re single, old, young, a mom, a working dad, or anything else, there are so many different activities that you can do as a group to get in shape and burn some calories. A walking group is always the first thing that comes to mind. Although walking groups are great, you could also pool your talents together and rotate activities. Is there a neighbor who knows yoga and is willing to teach a small class? Maybe a handful of guys in the neighborhood want to play some baseball once a week. Zumba is great too! There are so many options!

Send out an email or take by a note to your neighbors asking if they’d want to participate in an active group on a regular basis. Even if not every person is able to come each time, still hold the activity in case there are any newcomers and stay consistent. After getting an idea of who wants to participate, decide a time and day the group will be held. Once a week is always a good place to start. Create a calendar of the days that the group will be held and send it out to everyone in the neighborhood. The calendar could include the day, time, and activity that will be happening. Start by doing the same activity each week. Then, when the group is more established add in different activities such as switching off between yoga and walking.

Make sure to have fun! The point of this is to get together and be active! Don’t be too competitive, and be sure to include everyone.