free printable halloween treat bags

free printable halloween treat bags

Written By

Chelsea Foy

Are you prepared for the flood of little cowboys and princesses to come knocking at your door looking for candy? We’ve got a spooky little download for you to help get ready for all of those trick-or-treaters. It’s also perfect for school parties or any little Halloween paper project you might be doing. Read on for the full how-to!


  • 4×8” glassine treat bags
  • computer and printer
  • tape
  • blank paper

Begin by downloading the free printable. Once you’ve downloaded, open in a preview program and decide which image you’d like to print. There are four to choose from (bat, witch, Boo, and Trick or Treat).

Tape a glassine bag to the top of a sheet of blank printer paper so that the top edges are aligned with each other, and it’s in the center of the sheet horizontally. Use a 1-2” piece of tape on the sides and bottom to ensure that it stays in place. Note: If you’d like the design to appear higher on the bag, tape it an inch or two below the top of the sheet of paper.

Set the paper with the taped bag in your printer so that the bag is on the correct side for printing. Send the top end of the bag through the printer first to ensure the design prints right-side-up. On your computer, select the page of the printable that you’d like to print—it’s best to print one at a time so your printer won’t jam. Push print and get excited. This is gonna be cool.

After the baggie is printed, give it a few minutes to dry and remove the tape so it’s free of the blank paper. Fill that baggie with some sweets and celebrate!