Can You Subscribe to Filters?

Can You Subscribe to Filters?

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Janaan Weaver

The winter season is quickly approaching.  Any dreaded day now, the temperature will dip low enough to warrant turning on your heating system.  The most common heating system is forced air.  With a forced air system, you simply set the thermostat to a specific temperature, then the furnace heats air in the chamber which is then blown into rooms through duct work and registers.  If you have a forced air system, be aware of how these systems affect the indoor air quality of your home.  During the winter months, a lot of air will be pushed through your ducts and into your home.  That air will be full of dust, pet dander, airborne bacteria and more.  Furnace filters will catch most of these unwanted elements, but filters need to be replaced often.

The timing rules for changing filters vary depending on the size. If you have a 1-inch thick filter, change it once a month.  If you have a high-efficiency furnace with a 3-inch filter, you should change it every three months.  Many people prefer changing the high efficiency filters once every three months rather than getting the thinner ones and changing them every month.

It is very easy to forget to pick up replacement filters.  Homeowners often go months, even years, without swapping out old filters.  Fortunately, online retailers like Amazon and others offer subscription options.  Just select the items you need, such as furnace filters, water filters, gardening supplies, toilet paper, tissues and so much more!  Determine how often you wish to receive delivery of your items.  Monthly intervals range from 1 to 6 months and can be adjusted at any time.

Subscription options make it easy and convenient to keep your home clean and running smoothly.