calling cards

calling cards

Written By

Chelsea Foy

I’ve decided something: we need to bring back the calling card. I was on a tour recently of a mansion from the 1900s, and in the foyer of the home, there’s a little dish by the front door. I asked our tour guide what the dish was for, and she told us that when women would come to visit the lady of the house, they’d leave their calling card if they missed her. How cool is that?!

So next time you stop by a neighbor’s place and miss them, or just want to leave them a little note, use these printables and leave a note in style! You’ll need:

  • the downloaded pdf file
  • printer and black ink
  • white cardstock
  • glue stick
  • patterned paper
  • paper cutter or scissors

First, download and print the file onto white cardstock. Then, glue the patterned paper to the back of the cardstock, pattern side out. Next, cut out the calling cards (a paper cutter works best for this, but scissors will do in a pinch).

Leave a handful of cards in your car, purse, or wallet, and next time you need to leave a message, just jot it down on the back of the card and leave it under a doormat or in a mailbox. Now who’s gonna join me? Would you use a calling card to leave a friendly message?