Bringing Family Dinner Back

Bringing Family Dinner Back

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Janaan Weaver

School, soccer practice, dance rehearsals, play dates, piano lessons and other scheduling conflicts make family dinner seem like a thing of the past. With more and more demands on our time, dinner turns into something you grab and eat on the go. Yet studies have shown that eating dinner as a family has many benefits, including decreased depression, better grades in school, less stress, and much more.

If, however, you’re finding it difficult to get together at the dinner table, here is a little inspiration to revive your next meal and make it a consistent and fun experience for the entire family.

Create a theme – Bring dinner back to life by creating a theme. It doesn’t have to be fancy. Print out placemats for holiday dinners. Cook foods in one color group. Even just picking up some fresh flowers can add the perfect bit of ambience to an otherwise “regular” dinner.

Eat something entirely new – Stuck in a rut where the only thing you make is chicken nuggets or spaghetti? Make dinner more enticing to attend to older kids by exposing them to different foods. Not only will this keep them interested, but it will expand their pallet.

Get kids involved – Create jobs for kids of all ages, from helping to cook to setting the table. They might appreciate it more when they’ve helped out.

Use technology – Do you have family that travels a lot? Use your Vivint camera to help them feel involved. Turn it to face the table so that if Mom or Dad are on a work trip, they can still look and feel like they’re part of the event. It’s also fun for the kids to wave and make goofy faces.

Invite special guests – Let each of your kids invite a friend or extended family member over dinner once a week. You might be surprised at how this changes the dynamic in your home for the better.

Plate your takeout – Maybe you don’t have time to cook, but take the time to put your take out on a plate and sit down together.

Knowing how important family dinnertime is doesn’t make it any easier. We’re all more likely to stick with something if it’s fun, so find the fun and keep family dinner a regular thing.