boys night out

boys night out

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Kersey Campbell

One of my favorite things in the world is to watch my husband and son spending quality time together. They have they’re own nighttime ritual of playing, reading books, and of course brushing teeth. But every now and then they go out on a little man date. This is the best thing ever! They plan a day for just the two of them to go out and have fun. Sometimes they go to the movies while other times they go to the park. Here are some ideas you might not think of for your own father and child dates!

Make it productive:
Every now and then, my husband takes my son out for a day of errands. I know. Sounds so boring, right? But he has a way of making if fun, and my son loves it! They take turns doing things they want or need to do. For example, my husband will go to the bank, and while they are running that ho hum errand, my son gets to help fill out forms, hand the teller money, and at the end the teller hands him a piece of candy. He loves it! After the bank they do something that is just fun, like go to the park for 30 minutes and play. Then it’s time for another errand. See what I mean? Productive, but super fun too!

Do ordinary things around the Neighborhood:
Every afternoon, my son and I take a walk around the neighborhood. He points out the school, the playground, the ice cream shop and various trees along the way. He absolutely loves going on that same walk with his dad so he can point out those same parts of the neighborhood to him. Of course, his dad also stops at the ice cream shop and gets him a treat mom wouldn’t normally get. It’s a lot of fun!

Stay outdoors:
We are not the most outdoorsy people, but every few months (weather permitting) my son and husband go on a little father and son campout. Sometimes they go with other fathers and sons, and other times it’s just the two of them. They pitch a tent, bring some books, roast marshmallows and hot dogs, and make shadow puppets with a flashlight. They both love it and come back sleep deprived the next day. That’s how you know it was a great time!

Father and child dates are a fantastic way for dad to connect with the kids on a one-on-one basis. Especially if the dad is the one who is working out of the home! Give father and child dates a try. The whole family will love it!