acts of random neighboring

acts of random neighboring

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Janaan Weaver

We are all familiar with the idea of practicing random acts of kindness. The idea is pretty straightforward: practice kindness and pass it on. But what about random acts of neighboring? It’s the same principal but focused on your neighbors.

Our neighbor across the street is a 95-year-old widower. Needless to say, when winter storms roll in, we don’t think it’s right to see him shoveling. Which he would. And he also fixes his sprinklers and mows his lawn in the summer. He is an example of staying healthy and active. But I digress.

Any time it snows, my husband happily shovels his driveway and ours. It is a little act of kindness that makes us all happy. Even our little girl loves to get outside and help Daddy shovel.

A random act of neighboring is about more than just an act of service, it’s spreading little kindnesses every day to your neighbors. Give them a smile, take in a trashcan if you notice it left out, wave when you drive past or be friendly in the grocery store even if you’re still wearing pajamas at noon.

What are ways you’ve practiced random acts of neighboring?