7 Ways to Reclaim Your Forgotten Attic Space

7 Ways to Reclaim Your Forgotten Attic Space

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Matthew Iacopelli

The attic is always depicted as a dark and dusty space reserved for long-forgotten heirlooms and decorations. But it can be one of the most useful spaces in the home if properly optimized. We all want to get the most out every square foot in our homes. Often, the space is largely unusable square footage, however, there’s so much opportunity hiding in this part of your house.

A makeover may not be your first thought when looking to add square footage, but this space can be converted into more than basic storage. If there are stairs up to your attic, you can easily make this a usable space. Here are seven ways to transform this empty space into a new fabulous room in your home.

1. Guest room suite

If you have frequent houseguests, converting this underused space into a guest room suite may be something to consider. Add new windows, a full bath and bedroom to create a guest suite. This will give your guests a welcoming retreat when they stay with you. In the bedroom, you can have a single bed or build a custom bedroom into the eaves.

Guest Room Attic Suite

2. A crafting hideaway

If you’re a crafter, then nothing would be better than a dedicated space for crafting. An attic crafting room is a great way to regain this unused space. Add new lighting, storage for all your drafting supplies and even a sink for cleaning crafting tools and supplies. What’s great about a crafting hideaway is when you have to stop in the middle of a project you can leave everything out until you return. No need to clean up and put things away.

3. A man cave

OK guys, we all would like a man cave. A place to retreat, watch sports and play video games or poker with friends. If there’s no other place in your home to do this, this may be the perfect place. Add new flooring, paint, lighting and a big screen TV. All your guy friends will be jealous and want to come over on game day.

4. Playroom or rec room

If you’re tired of your kids’ toys being left all over the house, a playroom or rec room may be a solution to this problem. Giving your kids a place to call their own will help keep their toys out of the main rooms in your home. Add built-in storage in the eaves for toys, durable flooring and a snack cabinet to keep your children entertained for hours.

5. Media or home theater

Since this dead space is already dark, it’s the perfect place for a home theater. If your family enjoys snuggling up for movie nights, convert the empty space under your roof into a movie room. Add a big screen TV or projector with a screen on one end of the room. For comfort, a large sectional sofa will provide great seating for all your family. If you have a lot of media components, consider building a closet behind your television wall to house equipment and hide wires.

6. Home gym

Forget going to the gym — bring the gym to your home. This unusable space can be transformed into a home gym. Add your favorite gym equipment, some free weights, yoga mats and a television to fit this space out to be your 24-hour gym. The only bad thing about a home gym is you have no excuse for not getting and staying in shape!

Home Gym

7. Romantic master suite

This space is a perfect place to renovate and transform into a romantic master bedroom retreat. You can pull out all the stops and add major resort-like luxuries into the space. Use the eaves to design a vaulted bedroom with added dormer windows and skylight to bring natural light. In the bathroom suite, add a whirlpool tub, heated tile floor and multiple head shower for major luxury. A new master bedroom suite will add value to your home and romance to your marriage.

Master Suite Bathroom

The attic in your home is waiting for you to use it in a new way. These renovation ideas will convert this dusty area from just a dark storage space to a usable room. Choose any of these options to transform it into the best room in your house. You and your family have so much to gain by reinventing this forgotten area in your home.