7 Unique St. Patrick’s Day Celebration Ideas

7 Unique St. Patrick’s Day Celebration Ideas

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Lauren B. Stevens

Celebrated across the world, St. Patrick’s Day may just be the only heritage-based holiday that’s celebrated by people with absolutely no Irish ancestry. Whether you’re celebrating your Irish roots, St. Patrick himself or just want to a reason to plan a get-together, ditch the green drinks and try something different. These unique celebration ideas will help you ring in St. Patrick’s Day with style!

1. Irish trivia night

Gather friends together and put their knowledge of all things Irish to the test. Who knows the symbolism behind the shamrock? You wear green each year, but do you know what it means?

Irish Trivia Night

Create a playlist of Celtic music or a compilation of Irish artists, and don’t forget to add Irish musicians to your trivia list.

2. Gold party

Instead of a white party, throw a gold party. Not only should your guests come dressed in shades of gold, but invite each one to bring a signature gold-inspired cocktail or dish.

3. “Pot O’ Gold” charitable fundraiser

Turn an often bawdy and indulgent holiday into one of charitable giving by hosting a Pot O’ Gold fundraiser. Choose a foundation or cause to support, and keep a pot out for donations. If you’re unsure of the charity you wish to support, use a website that reviews charities to help choose the organization that’s right for you.

4. Photo scavenger hunt

Photo scavenger hunts are perfect for those in urban settings, or those willing to move the party to the city. Get creative with your pub crawl and set a list of photo ops that must be taken. Plan your scavenger hunt by integrating Irish themes into your photo items. Print at a one-hour photo shop, or have someone compile the photos and judge from a computer screen.

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5. Host a dinner party

Start with some Irish soda bread, and finish with Irish coffee. Whether you serve corned beef and cabbage or have always wanted to make Irish stew, have fun bringing friends together to celebrate the holiday.

Trying to choose between serving on paperware or dishware? Take a look at the pros and cons of each

6. Have a potluck

Invite friends to bring their most creative St. Paddy’s culinary creations for an inspired dinner party. Assign courses to different guests and center dinner conversations around the inspiration for each dish, then judge the overall winner.

7. Organize a 5k team

Gather your friends together and form a team for a 5k. Most metro areas host a St. Paddy 5k, and the proceeds typically benefit a charitable organization. Not only will you be doing something good for your body, you and your friends will be helping others in need! Meet up at a local pub for post-race refreshments and food.

Group of runners in a race

With so many symbols and iconic images, throwing a St. Patrick’s Day get together can be a fun way to tap into your creative side! Tired of the green? Focus on rainbows instead. How do you like to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

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