4th of july roundup

4th of july roundup

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Jessica Harris

Happy 4th of July! We hope you have a wonderful and safe Independence Day. Here is a roundup list of every 4th of July article you would ever need to make this year the best yet.

4th Facts – You know that weird uncle that everyone has who knows every fact about everything? Well, now you can finally one-up him at your family BBQ with these cool facts about our country’s independence.

4th of July Playlist – Here is a list of American classics you can blast during your BBQ. Our only request is that you video any embarrassing dancing that takes place during the epic event.

Pack the Perfect Red Wagon – Have kids? Taking them out on the 4th? Trust me, this is your survival guide!

Grilling Like A Boss – Have the privilege of hosting everyone in your backyard this year? Here are some ways you can use technology to become a grilling legend in your family. Little Johnny will tell his grandkids about your steaks when you’re done with that grill!

Firework Safety – Because eyebrows look so much better not burned off!

Firework Clean up – Don’t be that neighbor! Here are some tips to help you have the cleanest driveway come July 5th.

Why Moms love Space Monkey – Running out of room on your phone? Storing your holiday photos has never been easier with Space Monkey.