what i love about my neighborhood – fall

what i love about my neighborhood – fall

Written By

Aimee Gertsch

The first hints of fall always arrive earlier than expected. One day, while it’s still quite hot outside, we look up and notice red and yellow on the mountains. It’s not long after the first colors start to show that the nights start cooling down, and the mornings start to have that wonderful crisp air.

A funny thing happens in my neighborhood in the fall, the smell of BBQ becomes more frequent. People spend more time outside because it’s not overly hot anymore. And of course, everyone talks about the best places to see the fall colors before they disappear.

Here are some other things that I love about my neighborhood in the fall:

  • Fresh and crisp apples from the orchard on the corner.
  • The smell of people burning their leaves.
  • Everyone outside in their yards trying to get things ready to put the gardens to bed for the winter. We always see more of our neighbors in the fall than we do in the summer.
  • Fall treats showing up at the door. Yes, I live in that kind of neighborhood where people bake and share. It’s awesome.
  • The colors of the trees. There are some real beauties in my hood.
  • Watching the Halloween decorations go up, and even sometimes, Christmas lights being put up too (easier in the fall before the snow arrives).
  • Football!
  • Going to the farmer’s market.

What do you love most about your neighborhood in the fall?