10 signs you are a terrible neighbor

10 signs you are a terrible neighbor

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Jessica Harris

Neighbors are great. They are a built-in set of friends that can help you out in a pinch by giving you missing recipe ingredients, collecting mail while you’re away, and catching your run-away dog. Neighbors are awesome. Except sometimes they’re not.

Here are the top 10 signs you are a terrible neighbor:

  1. You leave your dog’s feces on other people’s lawns. I mean seriously, people? This should be a no brainer.
  2. You run an illegal spider and snake trade in your basement, and you let them escape and enter your neighbor’s homes. This happened to a friend of Vivint. Imagine waking up to find this little guy hovering above your head.
  3. You play loud instruments/mow the lawn/leave your dog barking outside at 7 a.m. on a Saturday.
  4. You walk randomly in and out of your neighbor’s home without knocking or announcing your presence. I don’t care how well you know someone. That’s creepy.
  5. You grow weeds in your front yard instead of grass.
  6. You won’t give a baseball back when it accidently goes over the fence—think the neighbor the kids imagined in Sandlot.
  7. You never rake your leaves in the fall and then the rain and the cold come and you let them freeze over on your sidewalk so that the space in front of your house becomes a minefield of slippery little dots that force everyone passing by to take their lives into their own hands just to make it past your house. No, that’s never happened to me before . . . and no I’m not bitter about it . . .
  8. You use toilets as planters. Just because you saw it on pinterest doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.
  9. You let your beautiful “garden” become the neighborhood jungle that is slowly consuming your neighbor’s property.
  10. You at one time have suspected your neighbors are cannibals, and you set out to prove it. See The ’Burbs. In fact, if you do pretty much anything that the people on in The ’Burbs do, you’re a bad neighbor.

If you do anything listed above: First, we reprove you. Second, we invite you to be a better neighbor and stop it.