10 posts for hosting a football party

10 posts for hosting a football party

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Chelsea Foy

If you’ve got a bunch of football-lovin’ friends and neighbors, there’s nothing much more fun than hosting a party to watch the big game. Next time you’d like to have the pals over to watch your favorite teams battle it out, follow these ten tips and you’ll definitely score big. (Get it? Score?)

  1. The Invites. Keep it casual! Nothing says “informal” like beer and bean dip, so make some calls or even use an electronic invitation to spread the word.
  2. The Food. And speaking of bean dip, keep the food casual as well. No need for anything fancy, but the traditional stuff can be super fun. Think chips and dip, sliders, pigs in a blanket, and any other fun finger foods.
  3. The Drinks. Make it easy on yourself and pick up some two liters of soda or cans of beer if you’ll have an adult crowd. Have some bottles of water on hand to round it out and you’re good to go.
  4. The Details. Now this is a little more crucial—make sure you know the channel and time that your game airs! Nothing worse than inviting over your neighbors at 2 p.m. for a game that started at noon. And if you don’t get the right channel, consider meeting up at a local bar or restaurant that is airing the game.
  5. The Seating. Take stock of how many seats you have and make your guest list accordingly. Seating doesn’t need to be extravagant – use your sofa, pull in extra folding chairs, even toss some pillows on the floor.
  6. The Team Spirit. Encourage your pals to wear their team colors! A little friendly rivalry will liven up the afternoon.
  7. The Dishes. Leave your china in the cabinet and get some recyclable plastic or paper dishes and napkins to use – you’ll be glad you did later.
  8. The Side Party. If you’re inviting guests with kids or significant others who might not be into the game, consider setting up another area for them to chat, play, or just hang out.
  9. The Extras. If you’re feeling really adventurous and your neighbors are too, place a friendly wager on the game – loser mows the winner’s lawn?
  10. The Clean-Up. Have bags for trash and recycling set up so that your pals can toss them as they go. Clean-up won’t be painful at all.</>


And of course, the people make the party, so invite some friends that you love and it will be a blast no matter what. Any other party tips to share?