The Best Type of New Door for Automatic Locks

The Best Type of New Door for Automatic Locks

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Ellen Christian

If you’re considering a new door, you may wonder what works with an automatic lock. There are many of these locks available, and each has its own characteristics. Some can be controlled via an app on your smartphone, while others will open with a unique code you enter on a keypad. Others use Bluetooth technology to recognize when your smartphone is nearby.

A new door of a suburban home

Materials and construction

Most entry doors are made of fiberglass, steel or wood. The most secure doors will feature double-walled construction. Steel and fiberglass are the most energy efficient and offer the tightest-fitting frames. There’s little difference in the strength of each door, but the door itself is not the problem with break-ins.

What is the best type of new door for an automatic lock?

Lock method

A few doors allow you to place a security device over your existing deadbolt, while others will work a keypad that’s connected to your security system and your smartphone. Some doors even have Bluetooth functionality that recognizes you. Consider who needs access to your home and whether they will have a smartphone when making your selection. The locks should allow manual entry for those that don’t have a smartphone or Bluetooth enabled device.

Windows and viewing

Many front doors have glass inserts to see outside and add visual appeal. If you add a glass insert, make sure it’s not near the deadbolt or within an arm’s reach for maximum security. Use a front door camera or doorbell camera so you can see via a smartphone app. If your new door has a glass insert, add a glass break sensor for added peace of mind.

Extras and home automation

Installing a new door can be the first step in home automation. Consider the extras you may want to include and integrate when making your decision. Connect your smart door to your home security system, add a two-way intercom system or use a smart doorbell or Wi-Fi camera with motion sensing technology.

Almost any type of exterior front door can be used with an automatic lock. It’s more about the type of lock and the features your door has. If you keep these factors in mind when choosing your new door, you should be able to easily integrate automatic locks.

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