Beef Up Security Through Constant Home Monitoring

Beef Up Security Through Constant Home Monitoring

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Ellen Christian

If you’re considering a home security system, you may wonder if you really need around-the-clock home monitoring. As you check out the different security systems that are available, you might find that monitoring capabilities vary. But why wouldn’t you opt for a system that provides constant security protection? That means your home is protected all hours of the day.

Peace of mind

If your home security provider offers 24/7 security protection, you won’t need to worry about whether you’re making the most of your security setup. Whether a break-in occurs at 2 a.m. or 2 p.m., your security system will receive the alarm and act promptly to notify emergency services. An unarmed security system, on the other hand, is almost useless. Knowing your home and family are always protected will provide freedom from worry no matter where you are.

Range of services

Unlike a simple security alarm, a 24/7 home monitoring service often offers more than just an alarm to scare off intruders. You can have the system monitor smoke, carbon monoxide, water leaks and freezing pipes. This added range of services makes sense for most families who want all bases covered.

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Remote access

When you use an around-the-clock home monitoring system, you often have remote access via an app on your smartphone. This system allows you to check your home and receive alerts, whether you’re there, at work or on vacation. You can also remotely arm and disarm your security system while away in case you forget. Look for a service that offers live video streaming to your smartphone or mobile device so you can watch the kids come home from school or check on pets while at work.

Home automation

24/7 home monitoring services allow you to automate your home via the same technology. You can control the heating and air cooling systems, the garage door opener, lights and even a range of small appliances — all through the same app on your smartphone.

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Elder care alerts

Many people need to be a care provider for not just their children, but also for their parents or grandparents. With a panic pendant, you’ll feel much more comfortable knowing that, if needed, the wearer can immediately signal for help with the touch of a button. They’ll always have access to aid if they need it during an emergency situation, whether that’s a break-in or a fall.

By taking advantage of 24/7 security monitoring, you’ll control and manage your daily life, no matter where you are. It’ll make everything just a little bit easier.

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