meet the ferrells

meet the ferrells

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Sara Seamons

When Josh and Dana Ferrell made the decision to install a Vivint system in their home, it was about convenience and peace of mind. Josh, a fireman for the city of Plano, is away from home on a regular basis and enjoys the comfort that comes from staying connected to his home and family. Dana, a busy mother of three, relies on Vivint to help organize her constant on-the-go lifestyle.

No one expects the worst to happen, but with their Vivint system the Ferrells were prepared for it.

Shortly after their Vivint system was installed, Dana received a phone call from our central monitoring station. Their fire alarm had gone off. Dana had left her home 15 minutes earlier and was sure that it was a false alarm, but Vivint still dispatched the fire department, just in case. Soon after Vivint notified the local fire department, the Ferrells’ neighbors noticed smoke coming from their home and called Dana about the fire.

Thankfully the fire department was already on their way and put out the fire immediately. Josh knew from his own experience as a firefighter that without Vivint’s early intervention, the fire would have reached their attic and could have destroyed their home completely. Because the fire department came so quickly, they were able to save priceless family heirlooms and portions of the Ferrells’ home from the fire damage. The Ferrells were amazed by Vivint’s quick response time and were deeply grateful to the caring neighbors, customer service professionals, and emergency responders who saved their home.

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