10 Ways Your Front Entrance Can Sell Your Home

10 Ways Your Front Entrance Can Sell Your Home

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Melina Gillies

My husband and I have been fortunate enough to have bought and renovated five properties in our 15 years of marriage, and in that time we’ve learned some tips to share about how to sell your home. In real estate, first impressions matter — a lot. For every house we visited in our various home searches, there were likely 20 or more that we passed over based on the exterior, and it turns out we’re not alone. The Wall Street Journal reports that 95 percent of home viewers spend just 20 seconds looking at the main photo in a real estate listing, which is usually of the exterior. That’s a short time in which to make a first impression, and every second counts. So if your home isn’t beckoning viewers in, here are 10 tried-and-true ways to help your front entrance sell your home — without breaking the bank!

1. Be easy to find

One of the most reassuring things as a homebuyer is knowing you’re knocking on the right door. If your house numbers are missing, damaged, obscured, or otherwise hard to see, do everyone a solid and replace them. A can of spray paint in a visible color is enough to bring a tired set back to life, and everybody from your real estate agent to the postal carrier will thank you.

2. Love your lawn

A well-kept lawn and garden speak volumes about how well the rest of the house will show. Mow, rake, and weed as required before all open houses and viewings. A great tip to ramp up the curb appeal is to edge the driveway, walkways, and sidewalks with a garden edging tool. This detail is a great way to solidify a positive impression on potential buyers.

House and lawn

3. Break out the brush

Bar none, the biggest selling feature of your entryway is your front door. Don’t be afraid to use an unexpected color that sets your house apart — just make sure it matches. A great way to achieve this is through a complementary color, which is the color directly opposite your main color on the color wheel. Adobe Color has an online tool that allows you to find the perfect shade. Pro tip: consider glossy paint for durability and looks.

4. Add a pop of color

Plants and flowers are cheap and cheerful ways of adding life to your entryway. If garden space is limited, a pot of plants on either side of the door or hanging baskets are inviting ways to entice buyers in. Selling in the winter? No problem. There are many types of seasonal greenery that can easily add the pop of color buyers love.

5. Ditch the dated accessories

Nothing screams outdated like tarnished fixtures. Most big-box stores will have reasonable replacement options for your worn out door handles and exterior lights, and the difference to your entryway will be huge. For a classic look, consider installing a kick plate on your front door for added impact.

6. Cozy up

Whether it’s a good neighborhood, a backyard made for grilling, or sipping tea on the porch, you’re selling a lifestyle, and buyers should be able to see themselves living in your house. A porch swing or a small bistro set, if space allows, can really help buyers envision passing a summer evening on your stoop, and that first impression can be invaluable as they visit the rest of your home.

Screened porch

7. Light the way

Evening showings are inevitable, so ensuring your home is well-lit will give off a welcoming vibe that will make visitors feel like they’re coming home. A set of solar lights on either side of the drive or walkway can be an easy way to add extra light on a budget.

8. Match the season

While a 10-foot inflatable snowman may not be your best bet, there are plenty of ways you can celebrate each season with colorful décor. Pumpkins, straw bales, birch bark, and evergreen boughs are all fantastic ways to create a seasonal look without going overboard — just leave inflatable Frosty packed away until after the sale.

9. Clean the windows

This is a given, but in the rush to list it’s easy to overlook. Grimy windows may not be noticed at first glance, but clean windows will always elicit a positive response from buyers.

10. Make the first step a good one

While arguably not the most important thing, having a durable and attractive doormat is my favorite item on this list. A good mat that plays off of the color of your front door can be seen upon approach, and — as most people look down while wiping their shoes — it’s the last thing they see before entering your home. What better way could there be to finish off a great impression and sell your home?