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Smart Thermostat

Save money and energy by scheduling your thermostat or remotely changing the temperature with any smartphone or Internet connection.

Before changing the batteries, change your thermostat to the off mode. To do this, press the Mode button on the side of your thermostat once.

Once the thermostat is in the off mode, proceed to change the batteries.

Remove bottom cover.
The thermostat comes in three sections: a top panel, a middle panel that includes the display, and the bottom section. To remove the bottom section, pull one side straight back toward you. You will hear a slight popping sound. This is normal. Once you have pulled one side free, you can pop the other side out and remove the section cover. Make sure that both sides have come free before pulling the cover away.

The thermostat takes three double-A batteries (3 AA). Once the cover is removed, you will see two batteries; the third, "hidden" battery sits behind.

Remove the batteries. To remove the hidden battery, pull on the white ribbon (in some models) or remove it by pulling up on one end.

When putting in the new batteries, the positive side of the hidden battery should face the right. The positive end of the two upper batteries should point to the left. Once the new batteries are correctly installed, the thermostat display should return.

Carefully replace the bottom section cover; each side should snap into place.

Press Mode three times to return to your previous settings.


The Vivint Smart Thermostat brings together everything you need to create an energy-intelligent home. It integrates with your touchscreen panel, so you can raise and lower the temperature whether you're at home or away. You can also program it seven days in advance, with different settings for each day of the week.

Part numbers
  • CT30e
  • Go!Control system compatible
  • Seven-day programming, including 5-1-1
  • LCD touch screen, including easy-to-read LED backlit display
  • Dual-thermostat support
  • Z-Wave supported
  • Simplified installation
  • Go!Control system compatible: Integrates with your Vivint security system, allowing you to raise or lower the temperature while you're home or away
  • Seven-day programming: Easily configures different thermostat setting for each day of the week—online, from your smart phone, or directly on the thermostat consul
  • LCD touch screen: Displays room temperature and set point temperature in an easy-to-read format
  • Dual thermostat support: Supports up to two thermostats, both of which you can update separately online


You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers

Which features of my system can I control remotely?

You can control any piece of equipment that has a built-in Z-Wave or Zigbee device. This list includes your security system (through your touchscreen panel), your Vivint Smart Thermostat, your automatic door locks, video surveillance, and lighting and small appliance controls.

How do I find a manual for my system?

You can download full versions of manuals and quick reference guides that will give you an overview of basic commands and functions. There are several ways to access documentation: Select a product within our support pages and navigate to the "Features/Specs" section. Click the "Documents" tab. Or click on the "Resources" link under "Other useful links" on the support section of

Are your call centers accredited?

Yes. Our call center is CSAA Certified as a Five Diamond Central Station. It has also been identified by the International Customer Management Institute (ICMI) as one of the top 50 call centers in all of North America. Vivint is also part of the Security Industry Alarm Coalition and the Electronic Life Safety, Security & Systems Professionals organization.

How do I get a permit?

You are responsible for obtaining a permit. The easiest way to get one is to search your local government website. Almost all cities make these forms available online. However, as a courtesy, you can call customer support and we will mail your form to you. If we send you the form, it will take between 7 and 10 working days.

When I get notified that my alarm has been triggered, how do I find out if it was an actual emergency or a false alarm?

You will need to contact your local police department. However, if the triggered alarm signifies an actual emergency, in most cases the authorities will notify the central monitoring station, which will then contact you.

Can I move my equipment myself?

No. If you need equipment moved, contact customer support. They will either walk you through the process or send a certified technician to assist you.

Where are your monitoring stations located?

We have two monitoring stations: one in St. Paul, Minnesota, and one in Provo, Utah. Additionally, all of our customer support representatives are located in the United States. We do not contract with off-shore providers.

Do you monitor 24x7x365?

Yes. We have monitoring staff available at all times, including nights, holidays, and weekends. We also have customer support agents available 24x7x365.

How far away can I be from my home and still have remote control access of my system?

You can control your system remotely from anywhere using your smartphone, computer, or tablet. Whether you’re down the street or halfway around the world, it will work the same as long as you’re connected to the Internet.

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