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Mobile App

Our mobile applications let you monitor and control your entire system from practically anywhere. It's available for iPad, iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry devices.


Go to on your Blackberry Internet browser.

Touch Get App for Blackberry.

A screen will appear that will allow you to download the app.


You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers

Which features of my system can I control remotely?

You can control any piece of equipment that has a built-in Z-Wave or Zigbee device. This list includes your security system (through your touchscreen panel), your Vivint Smart Thermostat, your automatic door locks, video surveillance, and lighting and small appliance controls.

When I get notified that my alarm has been triggered, how do I find out if it was an actual emergency or a false alarm?

You will need to contact your local police department. However, if the triggered alarm signifies an actual emergency, in most cases the authorities will notify the central monitoring station, which will then contact you.

I’ve lost my mobile device. What do I do?

You can disable access to your account from your mobile device. Log in to the Vivint account center, choose "Go!Control Web Access." Choose the "Mobile" tab and disable automatic login at the bottom of your screen.

How secure is the access to my wireless camera and my system’s privacy settings?

Your cameras are protected in a few different ways. First, our technicians password protect your router to create a secure home network. Second, your cameras are password protected through your online account using the 256-bit encryption that protects Finally, only those with access to your online account can view your live feed.

Do you monitor 24x7x365?

Yes. We have monitoring staff available at all times, including nights, holidays, and weekends. We also have customer support agents available 24x7x365.

How far away can I be from my home and still have remote control access of my system?

You can control your system remotely from anywhere using your smartphone, computer, or tablet. Whether you’re down the street or halfway around the world, it will work the same as long as you’re connected to the Internet.

How do I link my smartphone to my system?

You can download an app for your Blackberry, Android, or iPhone by visiting This page will walk you through the process step by step.