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How Home Security Is Evolving With Tech
"This offers a glimpse into what’s likely to be the norm in home automation and security in a few years."
No Worries: Bargains on Tech Tools That’ll Help You Feel Safer
"I can also look to see who’s at the door, speak to the visitor through the doorbell, and even open the door for them — all from my phone."
Design matters at Vivint’s new monitoring center
"Vivint’s new monitoring center is loaded with employee-pleasing amenities that translate into increased productivity and profits for the company."
Vivint Sky Receives Excellent Rating
"With Vivint Sky you get a full-blown home security system that is constantly being monitored, and a comprehensive home automation solution that you can control from just about anywhere, including a best-in-class doorbell camera. "
Get the whole history of the Internet at a glance
"A new infographic released by Vivint lays out nearly 60 years of Internet history. "
Vivint combines licensed, unlicensed spectrum to offer high-speed Internet
"Vivint is using a combination of licensed and unlicensed spectrum to offer high-speed Internet service to single-family homes."
Vivint rolls out 100Mbps wireless home Internet service for $60 per month
"Vivint, a significant player in the connected home and residential solar panel markets, is adding Internet service to its portfolio of consumer offerings. "
Ding-dong! Vivint can tell you who’s calling
"Vivint’s new Doorbell Camera allows customers to engage in a two-way conversation with visitors from their mobile devices and provides them with a 180-degree view, with night vision, of their doorstep."
What Cloud Storage's Changing Forecast Means For Your Data
"What should consumers be aware of as they make decisions about how and where they store their data?"
Who can it be now?
"Consider it Caller ID for your front door. The aptly-named Vivint Doorbell Camera lets you see who's on your doorstep -- on your iOS or Android phone or tablet -- whether you're inside or not. "
Connected doorbells might become the new hot smart home accessory
"Vivint, the home security company, added a connected doorbell to its lineup of home automation and security products. ...Connected doorbells are poised to become the next 'it' gadget of the smart home."
Vivint Launches A New Home Automation System Complete With A Tiny Doorbell Camera
"Like good technology, the experience is magical. Vivint is the closest a company has come to truly automating a home in a meaningful and harmonious way. "
Founders of Billion-Dollar Companies on Their Secrets to Success
"The other day, I had the opportunity to attend an event where four founders of billion-dollar companies were speaking in a round-table format discussion."
Here’s which states are most innovative in America
"Utah’s low-tax system has earned the state a new nickname: 'Silicon Slopes.' Start-ups that call Utah home include Vivint, Qualtrics and Domo."
What would you learn from being on Undercover Boss?
"What would you do if you had the opportunity to hear what your employees have to say about your company--when they think you aren't listening? That premise--along with the fun of watching coddled executives fail miserably at $12-an-hour jobs--is the formula behind the hit CBS series Undercover Boss."