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Vivint Protects its Intellectual Property with Intelligent Ventures Partnership
"Vivint has entered into a long-term partnership with Intellectual Ventures (IV), based in Bellevue, Wash., IV announced Sept. 16."
Why an MIT Student Chose an Obscure Internship over Silicon Valley
"Vivint offered something unique: the opportunity to help shape the next multibillion-dollar industry and the opportunity to define the smart home."
5 Keys to Building a World-Class Internship Program
"We’ve just completed the second summer of our Vivint Fellowship Program. Looking over what we’ve learned so far, I’d like to share five ways a company can build a world-class internship program for the fall, spring and next summer."
A Smart Home Company Buys Cloud Startup Space Monkey
"And this isn’t just some external hard drive. Your small Space Monkey hard drive links up to all of the other Space Monkey hard drives to become a 'distributed cloud.'"
10 Companies Revolutionizing Entrepreneurship
"Home automation has usually been associated by heavyweights like Google, Apple or Xfinity, but Utah based Vivint Sky is looking to shake things up."
My Smart Home Trolled Me
"I've gained a new degree of respect for monitored systems like Vivint's Sky which, though comparatively expensive, do at least have the reassurance of a 24/7 call center to act on any alarms that might get triggered."
With employees' help, Vivint sends thousands of meals to Haiti
"What many might not realize beyond the orange logo, home security and summer sales jobs, is that the company is involved in a significant amount of service and monetary donations in both local and global communities."
Vivint creates CSO position, hires federal cyber expert Joe Albaugh
"Joe Albaugh, who today joined Vivint in the newly created position of chief security officer, brings significant cyber expertise, having previously served as chief information security officer at the U.S. Department of Transportation and also at the Federal Aviation Administration."
This Tech Startup Wants to Revolutionize Your Home
"Think of it like Nest’s smart thermostat feature, except on steroids. It’s unlike anything out right now."
Sure smart home tech is cool. But how much does it save you?
"Smart home technology is convenient, state-of-the-art and undeniably cool. But does it help where it really matters—in consumers' pocket?"
Vivint Solar CEO says Utah company has long-term future in Hawaii
"Vivint Solar, which has risen quickly to become one of the top solar energy companies in Hawaii, is here to stay, the Utah-based company’s CEO told PBN."
Which Company will Control Your Home?
"ADT and Vivint are giving away ambitious home-automation systems with touchscreen control panels as an incentive to sign up for long-term contracts."
Vivint launches smart home platform
"On the heels of tech giants Google and Apple making known their intentions to enter the smart home market, Utah-based Vivint on Tuesday launched its own smart home platform called "Vivint Sky.""
Honeywell And Vivint’s New Smart Home Platforms: Openness Is Overrated
"Honeywell’s latest may be a curated platform, but Vivint’s is iron-clad."
New Vivint Smart Home System Wants to Know More About You
"At the center of the system is the Vivint SkyControl panel, which includes proprietary cloud technology that can learn from your preferences and behaviors. From there, the system will make suggestions on how you can enhance the convenience and control throughout your home."