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Consumers Satisfied With Smart Home Devices; Apps That Run Them, Not So Much
"Established home security companies including ADT, Comcast and AT&T are at the lower end of delighting customers with their apps, while newer smart home entrants including Honeywell and Vivint appear to do better with their more synchronized hardware and software ecosystems."
Amazon's Echo brings to mind Star Trek and Hal
"Vivint announced that you can now use Alexa to control their devices so you can unlock your doors, for example, with the sound of your voice. Vivint also allows you to use Alexa to control Nest."
A Disappointing Consumer Electronic Show (CES) For Home Automation
"Vivint is one company that I think really gets it. Vivint is vertically integrated (i.e., they sell, install and support the whole solution) and consistently looks at home automation from the customer’s perspective. "
Boomtown America: This city's job market is on fire
"Todd Pedersen, CEO of Vivint, cites the college-town feel, the low cost of living and entrepreneurial spirit as keys to keeping his business in Provo."
The 6 Things CES Taught Us About The Internet of Things
"Big announcements include home security companies and Vivint letting their users control their security systems by voice using Echo."
18 Of The Most Innovative Connected-Home Products At CES 2016
"This is a great way for parents to keep tabs on their home-alone kids without needing to give them their own cell phones."
SlashGear's Best of CES 2016 - Vivint Ping
"The addition of a button on top with which kids or the elderly can instantly be put in touch with parents or carers on their smartphone is a simple but compelling."
9 Buzz-Worthy Smart Home Innovations Coming Out of CES 2016
"Vivint's Ping Camera is designed to initiate two-way videochats with one touch, a feature they predict will be embraced by working parents who want to quickly contact their kids who are too young for cell phones."
12 Brilliant Gadgets Right From the CES 2016 Show Floor
"Want to get the attention of other people in your home? The Vivint Ping camera has a button you press to send a live feed. The recipient receives a quick alert."
Amazon's stealth takeover of the smart home at CES 2016
"Vivint announced at CES that it has integrated the Echo and Alexa into its entire smart appliance lineup. Owners of an Echo speaker can now ask Alexa to lock their doors, turn off their lights, or adjust their Nest thermostat. "
We Found The Ultimate All-In-One Smart Home Service Provider
"When a company takes the time time to build an entire smart home on the trade show floor at CES you notice. Vivint did just that and caught our eye with their smart home and security packages."
Vivint Ping camera has one-touch button for needy kids
"When is a security camera not a security camera? When it's a way for demanding kids to get in touch because they can't find the cheese-strings."
Ping family and friends straight from Vivint's new security camera
"While many cameras available today offer two-way talk, Vivint's new cam boasts a built-in button on top that anyone can press to 'Ping' other users associated with the account."
Vivint Smart Home Unveils First Indoor Camera With Two-Way Talk With One-Touch Callout
"The Vivint Ping is the first to allow anyone located in the house to also call out as well as call in."
Talk to Your Vivint Smart Home With Amazon Echo
"Say, 'Alexa, tell Vivint I'm going to bed,' and Vivint will turn off the lights, lock the doors, and arm the security system."