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  • This Tech Startup Wants to Revolutionize Your Home

    The idea of having a completely connected home sounds awesome to a number of people, but setting it all up yourself? Probably not so much... More

  • Sure smart home tech is cool. But how much does it save you?

    Smart home technology is convenient, state-of-the-art and undeniably cool. But does it help where it really matters—in consumers' pocket?.. More

  • Vivint Solar CEO says Utah company has long-term future in Hawaii

    Vivint Solar, which has risen quickly to become one of the top solar energy companies in Hawaii, is here to stay, the Utah-based company’s CEO told PBN... More

  • Which Company will Control Your Home?

    ADT andMuch as Google and Yahoo rode search to billion-dollar empires, the firms that bring order to the “Internet” of your home are poised to revolutionize how we live—and make a fortune in the process. Here’s a look at where the major players stand... More

  • Vivint launches smart home platform

    On the heels of tech giants Google and Apple making known their intentions to enter the smart home market, Utah-based Vivint on Tuesday launched its own smart home platform called "Vivint Sky." According to a statement, Vivint Sky will enable users to control their lights, thermostat, door locks, as well as monitor video cameras through their smartphone, laptop or tablet... More

  • Honeywell And Vivint’s New Smart Home Platforms: Openness Is Overrated

    Honeywell, the 125-year-old company known for home appliances, and Vivint, the former 90s-era Apex Alarm company, both just unveiled two new devices to launch their smart home platforms. Third-party developers excited to see established companies bring their experience and reputation to the industry will be disappointed, though. Because, unlike some nascent efforts, these two elder statesmen of home management won’t allow just anyone to enter... More

  • Vivint Sky home automation system adapts to your way of life

    Channeling the many functions of the modern home into one centralized hub has been the focus of a growing number of home automation devices. With that said, many still rely on some form of manual control, be it through voice, touchscreen or gesture. Vivint is looking to ramp up the automation in home automation with Vivint Sky, a smart home system designed to learn and adapt to its users' habits... More

  • New Vivint Smart Home System Wants to Know More About You

    With so many companies getting into smart home automation (hello, Apple!), companies are going to have to do better to compete. Vivint plans to give the people what they want, by having the Vivint Sky get to know them a little better... More

  • Vivint Unveils Proprietary Smart Hub ‘Vivint Sky’

    Vivint today launched a proprietary smart hub called Vivint Sky, which will allow users to control lights, thermostat, door locks, high-definition security cameras and other devices throughout the home, all from a smartphone, laptop or tablet... More

  • Vivint launches own panel, own platform in new solution

    Vivint today launched Vivint Sky, a new cloud-based smart home solution featuring the company’s own control panel and software... More

  • Vivint Launches Smart Home Platform

    While many smart home companies are likely gearing up to work with Apple's newly announced Home platform, others companies like Vivint want to revolutionize the home automation industry all on their own... More

  • Vivint Upgrades Security/Home-Automation System

    Direct-to-consumer supplier Vivint launched its next-generation security and home-automation service, which offers multiple new features based on its own Cloud-based platform to work with the hardware that it designs and engineers... More

  • Vivint Sky for renters in works

    Home automation and security firm Vivint is working on a version of its new Sky smart home system for renters, having so far focused on fully-installed systems. The more temporary setup is still on the drawing board, Vivint CEO Todd Pedersen told me, with decisions still to be made as to the form-factor of things like the SkyControl touchscreen... More

  • Vivint launches a “learning” home-control system

    The Nest thermostat famously created the notion of home-control gadgets that learn from and adapt to a homeowner’s activity patterns. But a thermostat is limited as to what it can sense, what it can learn, and what it can control. Vivint’s second-generation home-control system—Vivint Sky—uses dozens of sensors in addition to a thermostat, and it monitors and controls not just your heating and air-conditioning system, but also your home's lighting, door locks, small appliances, video cameras, and security systems... More

  • Vivint Sky promises easy home automation

    Easy-to-use home automation that can become essential to our daily lives is fast-becoming a holy grail for tech companies from Apple and Google and beyond... More