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3 Lessons Off-Road Racing Taught Me About My Business
"As an entrepreneur, you have to get comfortable with discomfort, as you constantly push your organization to improve and evolve. Success and satisfaction will always require risk, but the minute you start to feel comfortable is the minute the competition will start gaining on you."
Peter Thiel and Mitt Romney invested $100 million in a company that wants to be the Apple of smart homes
"Vivint focuses on making sure customers have a good experience, hiding how the sausage is made. Pedersen likens it to how the Apple II was the first PC that took what had been something that was very much for hobbyists and made it accessible to normal people."
Vivint lands $100m investment from Peter Thiel and Solamere Capital
"Vivint’s smart home systems are about to get a bit smarter. The home automation and security company just nabbed $100m co-led by tech investor Peter Thiel and strategic investment firm Solamere Capital. This influx in capital will be used for Vivint’s growth and research and development of products."
Get An Instant Smart Home With Vivint
"Vivint has given me the future home that I always imagined when watching Star Trek: The Next Generation: one that responds to my voice and has a brain. There may be other monitoring choices out there; but there’s only one that can convert your home into a smart home overnight. "
Smart security system helping kids with autism be more independent
"We’ve gone through lots of different challenges with seizures and running away," said Amy Baker, whose 12- and 10-year-old sons both have autism. But Baker said things started to change a few years ago when the family had a Vivint Smart Home system installed. “I can go to my neighbor’s house for half an hour or so and video them from my cellphone, so I can make sure they’re not burning the house down."
Advanced Doorbells and Intercoms Enhance the Functionality of the Front Door
"Vivint launched the Vivint Doorbell Camera in 2015 and sold more than 100,000 units in the first five months. The device, along with its companion cloud service, is the company’s best-selling product."
System Provides Home Security and Automation
"In addition to the apps and website, Vivint customers also get a control panel that can be mounted on a wall or placed on a table that also serves as the wireless hub of their platform. If someone rings my doorbell, I get a notification on my phone along with a live video feed of my front porch and the ability to talk with that person through the app."
Everything That Works With Amazon Echo and Alexa
"Vivint provides arguably the best voice control of any smart home system."
I turned my old 'dumb' home into a 'smart' home — and I'm never going back
"I can say 'Alexa, tell Vivint to turn the heat up to 73 degrees,' and lo, Alexa and Vivint work together to make it happen. My house is listening for my every command."
Smart Home Show with Mike Wolf
"Mike Wolf talks smart home with Jeff Lyman, Chief Marketing Officer at Vivint Smart Home."
Let Us Count the Ways: The Tech We Really Love
"I can turn the heat up or down, lock or unlock the doors, and arm the security system from bed — even if that bed is in a hotel in Sweden. Is love the same as need? I don’t know. But I do know I couldn’t live without my Vivint."
Consumers Satisfied With Smart Home Devices; Apps That Run Them, Not So Much
"Established home security companies including ADT, Comcast and AT&T are at the lower end of delighting customers with their apps, while newer smart home entrants including Honeywell and Vivint appear to do better with their more synchronized hardware and software ecosystems."
Amazon's Echo brings to mind Star Trek and Hal
"Vivint announced that you can now use Alexa to control their devices so you can unlock your doors, for example, with the sound of your voice. Vivint also allows you to use Alexa to control Nest."
A Disappointing Consumer Electronic Show (CES) For Home Automation
"Vivint is one company that I think really gets it. Vivint is vertically integrated (i.e., they sell, install and support the whole solution) and consistently looks at home automation from the customer’s perspective. "
Boomtown America: This city's job market is on fire
"Todd Pedersen, CEO of Vivint, cites the college-town feel, the low cost of living and entrepreneurial spirit as keys to keeping his business in Provo."