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Connected doorbells might become the new hot smart home accessory
"Vivint, the home security company, added a connected doorbell to its lineup of home automation and security products. ...Connected doorbells are poised to become the next “it” gadget of the smart home."
Vivint Launches A New Home Automation System Complete With A Tiny Doorbell Camera
"Like good technology, the experience is magical. Vivint is the closest a company has come to truly automating a home in a meaningful and harmonious way. "
Here’s which states are most innovative in America
"Utah’s low-tax system has earned the state a new nickname: 'Silicon Slopes.' Start-ups that call Utah home include Vivint, Qualtrics and Domo."
What would you learn from being on Undercover Boss?
"What would you do if you had the opportunity to hear what your employees have to say about your company--when they think you aren't listening? That premise--along with the fun of watching coddled executives fail miserably at $12-an-hour jobs--is the formula behind the hit CBS series Undercover Boss."
Why Companies Like AT&T and Vivint Will Be Tomorrow's Connected-Home Innovators
"The connected home market is garnering more hype and attention than ever before. Post-Consumer Electronics Show 2015, the market is awash with new and rejuvenated players promoting innovative solutions, each striving for a bigger piece of the pie."
How Going 'Undercover' Made Me a Better Boss
"With a wig glued to my head and colored contacts, I got to check out the day-to-day operations of the company -- not as the CEO, but as a regular guy."
Vivint CEO Todd Pedersen to appear on Undercover Boss
"When Vivint Inc. founder and CEO Todd Pedersen was invited to appear on CBS’s “Undercover Boss,” he had a couple of concerns. First, Pedersen doesn’t like being filmed. Second, he worried that he might blow his cover."
Vivint boss goes undercover
"Vivint CEO Todd Pedersen’s incognito stint on “Undercover Boss” prompted him to make some “tweaks” in his business, he said."
Provo-based Vivint CEO becomes an 'Undercover Boss'
"When Todd Pedersen was approached about appearing on "Undercover Boss," he thought he was being punked. "I thought they were joking around, to tell you the truth," said Pedersen, the founder and CEO of Vivint Inc. "And they said, 'No, we're serious. Are you willing to do it?'"
Person 2 Person: Todd Pedersen
"Todd Pedersen is the CEO and founder of Vivint. He founded the company after dropping out of college to start a home security business. The company has gone on to become a multi-billion dollar business. This week Shauna Lake sits down with Todd Pedersen, Person 2 Person."
Vivint CEO the subject of CBS reality show
"Todd Pedersen doesn’t look like the typical CEO of a billion-dollar company: T-shirt, jeans, flat-brim baseball cap and a muscled, gym rat physique. But when the Vivint CEO donned a disguise for CBS’s reality show “Undercover Boss,” he really, really didn’t look like a CEO."
Vivint's Todd Pedersen to Go 'Undercover' on Hit CBS Show
"Vivint CEO Todd Pedersen will appear on the season finale of “Undercover Boss,” an award-winning series on CBS, to observe how his employees function on a day-to-day basis."
The Overpromises Of Cloud Storage
"Competitors in the cloud industry continue to cut prices and increase storage limits. The tech industry has dubbed this “the race to zero,” with many predicting that the future will bring free, infinite cloud storage to all. As romantic as this sounds, I just don’t buy it."
Future-proofing the smart home startup
"While Vivint thinks the idea of future-proofing is insuperable, it finds inspiration in one of the oldest forms of customer research. Starting as a home security company, Vivint used door-to-door sales tactics to grow its customer base. It has continued to use that culture of interaction to sit down with homeowners to learn their needs. "
Why Companies Want Staffers With Happy Spouses
"Happy wife, happy life – even at the office? Todd Pedersen, chief executive of home-automation company Vivint Inc., says there’s a connection between the state of his employees’ relationships and their productivity levels."